Me nd My Bro

Monday, July 26, 2010

Things Happpen

Life is strange so many things happen and there is no explanation of what happens in the world. I want to know what will and what is, just to make life easy and understanding see, my life to me is great other people’s life can be horrible people; on the streets, in shelters, dead, on drugs, its unbelievable. Its happening they blame it on karma or it’s what it is but it happens because we all make it happen with no change and it keeps pulling us back and it makes no sense. It said that 2012 something is going to happen but that’s because of one person. What is the chance that the world is going to end? My life should not be over because of what one person has said. Life just happens and it’s a journey. We are different people but the same people inside and out. We might not have the same thought but things just happens we just can’t blame it on others and that’s what happens to the peace in the world it’s all the blaming one another does. That’s how life goes in my eyes and what other people might see on TV in reality. Its life so im a live it to the fullest with no worry.

Dear Fatherless Children

A poem from my stand

Sometimes I feel like a fatherless child but, I know who my father is. Him not been around is what I can’t understand why isn’t he here and why he don’t call? Sometimes I feel like a fatherless child wondering where my guide is a father is supposed to be there when a daughter needs protection I need protection from a lot of things like; you I feel like this cause I never see you never hear from you I have to deal with the pain right now. I’m a fatherless child I cry day and night thinking you don’t even care I wasn’t your first but you was always there, when I was young now we grow apart I can’t cry no more I just want to kill myself with this gun. A fatherless child damn I wonder how you live with yourself. I'm a fatherless child not sad no more I’m grown enough to understand you don’t care anymore because if you did I would hear my phone going off. I must be the happiest fatherless child growing up, but I understand that I will never forget but I will forgive I can’t even call you dad or daddy cause it don’t sound rite thinking about what to say When I see you should I cry, walk away, or even tell u to die? No, I'm a say I’m happy living my life, this fatherless child won't cry no more I will remember the great times from before


A Fatherless Child

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I haven't been on for a while and I came upon something new. Well it's not all new it was founded in 1981 before my time but I'm just hearing about it so for people who don't know let me tell you.


Chinese Laundry is known for creating some of the most fashionable trends in evening wear, flats, sandals, boots, pumps, dress shoes, wedges and vegan shoes. The textures they commonly use include leather, suede, cloth and patent leather. Items from the Chinese Laundry brand come in a wide range of colors, even with their boot styles. They also add little tweaks such as: bows, buttons, multiple colors, and straps in order to add to their fashion statement. Another thing the company does is seek to allow fashion on a budget, making the name Chinese Laundry synonymous with affordability.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Movie ALERT!!!! LOL

I swear if they make another Scary Movie... movie ALERT: Scary Movie 5 is going to be in 2011was announced by The Weinstein Company on December 20, 2009 , I mean i do love all the Scary Movie series but golly another one it's like saying Jason is alive and they are gonna make another one of his movies. you know who they should bring back Chucky  now that's who I miss watching the most, they don't even show his movies on t.v. anymore or do they. well i don't know. Guess what else is coming out that year as well Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son, another Big Momma's House now that I do miss too but I never thought they would make another one if that they should make a Bad Boys lll or another House Party who would love to see them do that I would. Oh hecky naw I just did some research and they doing another Men in Black coming out in 2012

Last Day/ My Thoughts

So today is the last day of the school year for most and I'm in that most YAYYYYY!!!!! A grade level up for me last final exam is today. So HAPPY this school year is over I get to sleep in, stay out longer, hang with my friends and everything uhhh. I bet someone is going to have a party in these couple of weeks. I am so hungry right now I would've put this in txt mode but I didn't. SHOUT OUT to all the kids graduating from 8th grade, high school, or college. It's like a fantasy world for me right now I get to sleep in all my classes today except for one that's the one I have to take my final in, but let me say it again ITS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL & I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paying Respect To Gary Coleman

Gary Wayne Colemanborn  February 8, 1968 in Zion, Illinois, Known for his childhood role as Arnold Jackson in the TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes has died May 28, 2010 (aged 42) in Provo, Utah. Adopted by Edmonia Sue, a nurse practitioner, and W.G. Coleman, a fork-lift operator. The reason Gary was short is because he suffered from a congenital kidney disease caused by focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (an autoimmune destruction and alteration of the kidney), which halted his growth at an early age, leading to a small stature and a childlike appearance. He underwent two kidney transplants, one in 1973 and one in 1984, and required daily dialysis.

Coleman was featured in many TV series and movies like: Amazing Stories,227,Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,The Simpson's,Drake and Josh,My Wife and Kids,The Jamie Foxx Show, The Kid from Left Field Jackie,Scout's Honor Joey Seymour, and  On the Right Track just to name a few.Also Coleman was in a lot of legal situations, Financial matters in 1989 to Domestic violence assault in 2010 I don't even want to get into that.

Now to the sad part; On May 26, 2010, Coleman was admitted to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah, after falling and hitting his head and suffering an epidural hematoma at his home in Santaquin, Utah. He was announced to be in critical condition.According to a spokesman, Coleman's condition subsequently worsened.By mid-afternoon on May 27, 2010, Coleman was unconscious and on life support.He died at 12:05 p.m. on May 28, 2010.

Coleman is survived by his wife and his adoptive parents.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Fashion: Blac Label

Now my aunt asked me what was Blac Label bcause her boyfriend seen it in the store and yes I knew what it was so for people who don't know:

Blac Label is for those harmonious relationship between men’s couture wear and casual street flair. The label was founded in 2002 in response to the popularity of novel tees with simple designs and catch phrases. Since then, it has evolved into a collection of clothing that scream innovativeness, uniqueness and trendy.Although Blac Label is well-known for its illustrious shirts, the company also designs, produces, and distributes men’s and women’s collections on a national level. As the company continues to grow, expect a boys’ apparel line as well as an accessories collection.I'm liking Blac Label what I know is it's better than what's that clothing line ummm oh yea Ed Hardy or something like that. Why because Blac Label is the answer to the male fashionista’s classy style and desire for quality jeans.

For more just go to the website

Monday, May 24, 2010

Basketball Wives

(Basketball Wives my favorite tv show and it's not for basketball wives its for ex- basketball wives/ fiances'/girlfriends and of course the extras "Dancers" but only two are married what a show). Though but being rumored but now found that Evelyn Lozada is sueing Vanessa Davis wife of Ricky Davis who I never heard of, but any who she is suing (VD lol) Davis for being revengeful toward her due to the fact that Davis was not picked for the “Basketball Wives” show.  Okay according to Bilalali Productions, Lozada is accusing Davis of blogging on a gossip blog and saying that she is a “high end prostitute,” a “drunkard,” (I didn't even know that was a word) and a “hoe ass” — and even accused Lozada of neglecting her daughter.’'

Oh my gosh it gets even better than that what I just want to know how. Ms.Lozada is also claiming in her lawsuit that Davis hacked into her email and stole some topless pictures of Lozada and then Davis published those damaging photos online. And now Evelyn is suing Vanessa Davis for $15,000 in damages for the trouble that Davis has supposedly caused. Now I don't know nothing about legal stuff because I have never been in any a legal stuff but to me just so things can just be know take one of those lie detective test.

My Top 10

The things I Do Approve of...
1. Skinny jeans
2. Bright colors
3. Hightops
4. Blackberry, Iphone, or any touch or slide phone.
5. Jerking or any kind of hot dances
6. The new BARBIE or HARAJUKU. made and aproched by Nicki Minaj the #1 Barbie.
7. Low shoes/sneakers
8. Design
9. Swagg
10. Nice shades, watch, basically accessories

Bonus- Women need to start rocking natural hair because I do everyday all black women don't have short hair or what they call no hair.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Top 10 Do Not's

1. Do Not, wear Holister if you have UGLY jeans or shoes.
2. Please Do Not, have your t-shirt tucked in so we can see your belt buckle just wear a smallshirt.
3. Do Not, " Big Boned Girls" wear tight clothes that you can see your roles and it lookes like you struggled to get in.
4. Do Not, have your kidsthat are not twins matching Do Not embaress yourself or them.
5. Do Not, wear a white shirt with a stain and then think it's sexy.
6. Do Not, talk about someone else kids not looking right then think your kids look fly as well.
7. Do Not, wear socks with heels please Do Not embarress yourself heels and sandles are diffrent things.
8. Do Not, wear shoes that lean because you have big feet and have worn them to much.
9. Do Not, " Girls" wear jeans and then sag on top of that
10. Do Not, wear uggs or boots with shorts just Don't.

What I See In Fashion

So today I see people wearing sandles and socks that whole thing is just coming back now. It's like uhhh I don't want to put no sneakers on or whatever everybody wears and or it's just a laid back day which is what like. But Jordans and girl sandles everyone is wearing them but mostly guys doing it with Jordan or Nikes slippers. That's what I do on a friday which is a LAID BACK DAY to a lot of people.

The new thing is skinny jeans. I got the skinny jeans on skinny jeans on everyone well not everyone where's skinny jeans cause I know I do. All kinds of colors and all types of sizes to me it's like loose skinny, skinny and ultra skinny :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Remebering Lena Horne

Lena Horne was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City.Reported to be descended from the John C. Calhoun family, both sides of her family were a mixture of African American, European American, and Native American descent and each belonged to what W. E. B. Du Bois called "The Talented Tenth.Horne was long involved with the Civil Rights movement. In 1941, she sang at Cafe Society and worked with Paul Robeson. During World War II, when entertaining the troops for the USO, she refused to perform "for segregated audiences or for groups in which German POWs were seated in front of African American servicemen". Horne had a son Edwin Jones (February 1940 - September 12, 1970) but unfortanatly died of kidney disease that same year Horne's father Edwin "Teddy" Horne died at age 78 on April 18, 1970. Mrs. Horne also had a daughter, Gail Lumet Buckley who she was survived by also with many granchildren.                      

Lena Horne Died at the age of 92 being born on June 30,1917 and being laid to rest on May 9, 2010. Mrs. Horne was my hero, my inspiration and she has done so many things and to hear that she had died is devistating. Mrs.Horne is known for her many roles, songs, and what she has done for her community, the one thing movie that was my favorite was The Wiz that was my favorite movie of her's.

"I was unique in that I was a kind of black that white people could accept. I was their daydream. I had the worst kind of acceptance because it was never for how great I was or what I contributed. It was because of the way I looked."-Lena Horne

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Voice of The Unknown

The voice of the unknown who might they be if they don't speak up.who will know who they are if we don't see them, I might say I have seen their presents and I have seen eye to eye of them, they are real they will come out when It's right don't rush just wait. Time will pass and some will come out of the dark you will see eye to eye.

The unknown will be free to speak but they're scared of what people will think I'm cured of speaking in public I'm just scared of the other suckers who migth try to domolish my mother, other than that I'm cool tih all the ones who feel I ain't going threw the fear.

The one and only the rest of us those who eat testicales like I say I don't mess with you but you go and get offense ewww. Me no never I stick with my originals the unkown bibical physical emotion better tthen violence and closer.

The unknown how do I know so much about it because I used to be unkonw now I'm sharing it with you.Me a former unknown I told you they gonna keep coming from the dark the friends I have the unknown and former unknown are us.

Friday, April 30, 2010

News: R.I.P John you will be missed

One person died when his motorcycle ran a stop sign and hit the rear of a pickup truck on Wednesday, police said.

Terre Haute Police officer Farron Stevens said that John Sharp, 38, of Terre Haute, has been identified as the driver of the 1996 Kawasaki that collided with a 1992 Chevrolet C1500 driven by Douglas Pottorff, 47, of Cloverdale, at about 7:24 p.m.
Stevens said the investigation shows that Pottorff was traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on 27th Street when he failed to stop at the intersection of Beech Street. The motorcycle hit the rear passenger side of the truck, which had the right-of-way. Sharp was thrown from the motorcycle and suffered multiple injuries. He was not wearing a helmet, Stevens said.
Pottorff was tested following the accident, Stevens said, and showed no trace of drug or alcohol use.